What Grinds Your Stump?

What with all the research I have to do to “brain” about financial stuff, I end up aggregating a lot of print journalism.  Well, when I say print journalism, that’s what I’m HOPING to find, but like the recent article I wanted to read on Fortune [Mag?] what I get is autorun video.  This particular video had absolutely nothing to do with the article banner. So, I click to close the video. I scroll down and the video starts to load again. Scroll up, close the video. Scroll back down. Oh! Oh! There’s the popup e-mail subscription. No thanks. Close that. Scroll further down, here comes that phuquing video AGAIN in a small screen. Now we get to play find the hidden close button.  All in all, I’ve spent as much time with useless nonsense whack-a-mole as I have reading the article.

Oh, and be sure to “whitelist ” your adblocker, so you can play.

Screenshot from 2017-09-24 18-56-06


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